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The Story

On May 18, 1988 Gas Tank Renu - USA, a Michigan Co-partnership, was officially formed for the express purpose of selling Dealerships to be licensed in the technology for the process of repairing fuel and other holding tanks. The business has grown to the point that there are now thirty five (35) Dealers in the United States and sixty five (65) when combined with the affiliated company in Canada. The result is the largest unified system of repairing fuel tanks in North America.

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Having been involved in the antique and classic car market for over 40 years, Max Merritt Auto has always looked for ways in which to better serve that industry. The restoration service that Gas Tank Renu provides for the "Obsolete" tanks was a natural fit to that pursuit. So in January 2000, Max Merritt Auto joined the Gas Tank Renu family.

Max Merritt Auto's dedication to service and preservation of the antique and classic cars, teamed with the superior Gas Tank Renu process, means top quality restoration of fuel tanks for the old car hobby. But we don't stop there. The same quality process can be applied to any tank, whether it be for cars, boats, trucks, motorcyles, buses, RV's, farm equipment, or Industrial equipment.

So if your tank is rusted or damaged, look to Max Merritt Auto and Gas Tank Renu to save it.  For more information, please call 317-736-6233.